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From: marcell.lengyel at nokia.com marcell.lengyel at nokia.com
Date: Mon Sep 22 14:25:28 EEST 2008

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> I wanted to address one other point you make:
> John Rudd wrote:
> > I was trying to find somewhere, anywhere, on the web site to send 
> > feedback.  The closest thing I could find was joining this mailing 
> > list... seems sort of odd to have to join a mailing list in 
> order to 
> > make a suggestion.  If that's not what this list is for, please 
> > forward this message to the right people (and get them to put their 
> > contact info up on the web site somewhere reasonable... like a 
> > "website feedback" or "website suggestions" link that's in 
> the footer common to ever page).
> On the bottom of each page, there is an "Improve this page" 
> link, which brings you to the maemo.org bug forum - we also 
> use thius site to gather suggestions for improvement.

Actually that is only for the "/documentation" section on the website,
but if it is useful it could be introduced to the rest of the website



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