[maemo-community] Election process referendum

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Sun Feb 1 14:47:53 EET 2009
Benson wrote:
> So far, I think Dave, Andrew, and I have spoken out on this... anyone else
> have opinions? (I'm gonna go bump the itT thread as well...)

What about a referndum with four options, then:

  1) No change; the current process is fine.

  2) A single-transferrable vote system.

  3) A reweighted range voting system.

  4) None of the above.

The wording needs to be tightened up into concrete changes. Suggestions welcome.



PS. There's another potential issue with the concept of Bayesian
    regret: the assumption that a voter *can* rate their preferred
    candidates both in line with their internal utility
    estimations /and/ relative to each other. How do
    I realistically rate the %ge I want Ryan to be on the
    council vs. Simon? So, personally, I still prefer
    STV; although - as Tim says - it's hardly the end of
    the world.

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