[maemo-community] Election process referendum

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Sun Feb 1 18:12:50 EET 2009

Andrew Flegg wrote:
> What about a referndum with four options, then:
>   1) No change; the current process is fine.
>   2) A single-transferrable vote system.
>   3) A reweighted range voting system.
>   4) None of the above.

I'd like to re-propose my initial proposition:
1) No change.
2) Codify preferential vote, without saying what specific voting or
counting system will be used.

The constitution should be, IMHO, a framework document, not operating
instructions. Let's just specify a preferential voting system (which, by
my reading, is possible within the current council guidelines), and let
the council decide what to do in practice, after consultation.

I shouldn't be lumping 2 post replies into one, but for Graham's query:
> To me, the most important issue is eligibility.  That is the one that is 
> hardest to fix if it is wrong (because the people who are excluded don't get 
> a vote to try to change it next time!).  I have yet to see a proposal (did I 
> miss it?) on what the criteria will be for eligibility for the next election.  
> That is the issue I care about.  

Graham, as I understand it, the requirement of 25 karma to vote and 100
karma or more to be candidates. The 25 karma requirement was relaxed for
the first election, and several changes have been made to the karma
measurement since then - ITt chats have been added, thumbs downs don't
affect the karma of blog authors, wiki and bugzilla karma measurements
have improved. The only reason I can think of that someone who is part
of the maemo community would not now have 25 karma would be if they
refused to create a maemo.org account. Otherwise, I think that karma is
a lot betternow than 4 months ago.


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