[maemo-community] Election process referendum

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Wed Feb 4 01:04:59 EET 2009
On Tue, Feb 3, 2009 at 10:48 PM, Markus Schneider <markus.schn at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Because it's the question if it's a "Contributors Council" or a
> "Community Council". As I asked, what IS the Maemo Community? People with
> 25 karma and more?

My MP represents my children's interests, they don't get a say in
electing him, though. It is figured that someone under the age of 18
(higher or lower in some countries) is unlikely to be aware enough to
cast a reasonable vote. An analogy could apply...

My point being that the council can represent people who can't vote -
hell, we've still got to represent people who *didn't* vote (at all,
or for us).

>> One of the roles of the council is to give a voice to the community's
>> cacophony, to make it easier to be heard by Nokia. If someone's not
>> contributing to that cacophony, *why* should they get a vote in who
>> filters, summarises and condenses it?
> Well, that's why I suggested using 100 karma as limit so we really only
> give good contributors (as in Debian) a voice.

At the moment, I don't think that's necessary.

> When we lower the limit to 10 karma it almost seems unnecessary to have a
> limit at all as 10 karma does not really seem to be a way to tell if
> someone is actively contributing.

A limit of 10 does distinguish between people who've created an
account and done *nothing* with it, and those who've created an
account to do something with it.

> When electing the government you need to be citizen to vote. By your
> logic everyone not being active in politics (or some other sort of social
> work) should not be allowed to vote.

No, because my logic is predicated on the system's we have available.
I can move to the USA, but I'd not be able to vote without taking a
citizenship test. I can stay in the UK, and if I'm over 18, I can

> To summarize the (my) essential question:
> "Who is part of the Maemo (maemo.org) Community?"

I think this is a distraction, it was raised last time to much wailing
and gnashing of teeth on ITT. Whomever they are, the fundamental
question is:

   "Who should be able to elect the Maemo Community Council?"

Not "who is the community", nor "who does the council represent"
(we'll listen to anyone, natch) - let's just keep it simple.

Who do *you* want do be able to counteract *your* vote?



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