[maemo-community] Election process referendum

From: Markus Schneider markus.schn at yahoo.com
Date: Wed Feb 4 00:48:05 EET 2009
> I just don't understand the fuss you're making, Nokia said - when
> karma was first introduced - it'd be used as an indication for any
> future possible device programmes. 

That's still fine, as it measures some sort of contribution to the community but not necessarily being or even more feeling part of the community. So it really seems valid as an indicator for future device programs. Still I bet people with no karma will also be able to get a device if they make a good proposal.

> Why is that OK, but using it as a
> benchmark to indicate someone's involvement in the community, to elect
> a council - to represent that community - is such a Bad Thing[TM]?

Because it's the question if it's a "Contributors Council" or a "Community Council". As I asked, what IS the Maemo Community? People with 25 karma and more? 

> One of the roles of the council is to give a voice to the community's
> cacophony, to make it easier to be heard by Nokia. If someone's not
> contributing to that cacophony, *why* should they get a vote in who
> filters, summarises and condenses it?

Well, that's why I suggested using 100 karma as limit so we really only give good contributors (as in Debian) a voice.
When we lower the limit to 10 karma it almost seems unnecessary to have a limit at all as 10 karma does not really seem to be a way to tell if someone is actively contributing. When we have a limit of 25 we should accept that at least 1/3 of the people who voted for the current council should be shut up and be ignored.
When electing the government you need to be citizen to vote. By your logic everyone not being active in politics (or some other sort of social work) should not be allowed to vote.

To summarize the (my) essential question:
"Who is part of the Maemo (maemo.org) Community?"


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