[maemo-community] Web Design Improvements

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Thu Feb 26 13:01:59 EET 2009
Hi Glaubert,

Glaubert Oliveira wrote:
> Some updates:
> http://wiki.maemo.org/Task:Improving_maemo.org/Graphics#Large_application
> what does "+some details of the profile" would be used in the bigger
> profile.?

I've expanded on this later in the email. I assume you're referring to
the line on the profile templates in the wiki page, and not about a
large application template?

Feedback on the large application template:

* It's too big for its main use, which will be
http://maemo.org/downloads and the front page.

I guess you were designing the layout for a product page like
https://maemo.org/downloads/product/OS2008/phonelink/ in which case this
is a better fit. You're missing some important information for that,
though - author, for example. I think it would be better to design a
complete product page, rather than just the application part of it.
Similar to the profile page.

So we need two different designs, one for the product page, and one for
apps featured on maemo.org/downloads and the "featured apps" bits of the
front page.

In general, I have tried to be more specific on where these templates
will be used. Application and profile "large" templates are like the
ones featured on the early front page and community page designs. See
the "Thomas Perl" block in Tim's initial design proposal for an idea of
what I'm looking for:

Really, the best way I can put it is that we want to feature people from
the community in the same way that we feature applications - on the
community page, on the front page, anywhere it makes sense.

* The downloads graph doesn't work as part of the template, I think.
Either we can try to go with a sparkline (example attached) somewhere in
the profile, or we can drop it. The idea of sparklines is to convey, in
a very small space, trends. There's no real need for labels or axes.

On the person templates, I have a few comments too:

* For the compact version, we should have karma visible.
* The stars are a rating that the person is giving to an application,
it's not a rating of the person. Similarly, thumbs up/down is the person
rating the application - the count beside the thumbs doesn't really make
sense in this situation.

Did you see my very rough drawing for the things we should have in the
big version of the profile template? I also sent some suggestions for
things which we needed to have in the small version of the template a
few days ago. A couple of weeks ago (thread: WebDesign improvements) I
said this:

> The information required in the large template is:
> Big avatar
> Name/user name
> Link to profile
> Online status
> Karma
> And we also have a lot of optional information that could be added:
> Projects
> Interests
> Description
> Karma breakdown by category
> Joined since...

I added a lot of information, including an example of what I mean by a
sparkline, and what I understand is needed for the small & large person
& application templates. I hope that this will (finally) clear things up
for you. If you still don't fully understand what I'm asking for, or how
it's going to be used in the new site, let me know as soon as you can.


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