[maemo-community] Purpose of "Author"-field on maemo.org/downloads?

From: Oskar Welzl lists at welzl.info
Date: Thu Feb 26 22:16:54 EET 2009
Am Donnerstag, den 26.02.2009, 12:00 +0200 schrieb Henri Bergius
> > What exactly is the intented purpose of this field? 
> If it is a port of existing Linux
> software, then add the people who did the port.

Cool... Hey, that's me! ;)

> The authors field is used for karma calculation, so add the people you
> want to receive karma for the app :-)

Oh - I never wasted a second thinking of this aspect ;)

But seriouslyL: *Because* it adds Karma you want to do The Right Thing
when you edit this field. 

Anyway, thanks a lot, I'll go and give poor little exif a parent now.


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