[maemo-community] Why not release the new site

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Thu Feb 26 16:19:04 EET 2009

Quim Gil wrote:
> To tell you the truth, http://newstyle.maemo.org/ looks good enough already.
> I would complete the home, do some proper testing on basic functionality
> (e.g. logging and stuff) and just go ahead with the change. Put a tiny
> "beta" tag next to the maemo.org logo and go away with it some weeks.

Downloads needs work - specifically the featured applications:

There's a phantom Jobs button with no label on the front page that needs
removing (minor change, probably)

Community needs doing: http://newstyle.maemo.org/community/
(but perhaps we can use the existing one while that's happening)

Development needs doing: http://newstyle.maemo.org/development/
(same comment applies)

Support doesn't exist yet.

After that, there are News and Planet which are two of the most popular

Planet needs work to be at the minimum level:

News looks OK to me, but could be nicer.

And all the old icons need replacing.

I'd like to see those changes made before switching, I think they're the
blockers to moving.

I'd be interested in feedback from Niels and Neithan on this, but it
seems feasible to have this all done in 2 to 3 weeks. If we set a target
release date for Monday March 16th, would anyone have a problem with that?

> If there are minor glitches (there are always) then fix them on the go.
> If there is something really major, fall back to the current version.
> Otherwise we risk postponing this weeks and weeks burning some people
> otherwise enthusiastic and engaged in the way.
> And yes, this comment comes from the (sometimes painful) experience.  :)

I appreciate the sentiment, and admit to considerable frustration with
the project myself. But I don't think that the team who've worked on
this would be proud publishing something half finished, which is how the
site feels now.


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