[maemo-community] Why not release the new site

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Thu Feb 26 17:36:41 EET 2009

Dave Neary wrote:
> Quim Gil wrote:
>> To tell you the truth, http://newstyle.maemo.org/ looks good enough already.
> I appreciate the sentiment, and admit to considerable frustration with
> the project myself. But I don't think that the team who've worked on
> this would be proud publishing something half finished, which is how the
> site feels now.

Also, there is one small matter - the site currently looks nothing like
the design we were supposed to be working from:

I would like to consider wider margins again, they make the whole page
look better (paragraphs look like paragraphs instead of having breaks
every 2 lines, the whole thing is easier to read). And I think the page
will start to look better when News has a white background.


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