[maemo-community] Why not release the new site

From: Niels Breet niels at maemo.org
Date: Thu Feb 26 16:44:40 EET 2009
> On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 1:29 PM, Quim Gil <quim.gil at nokia.com> wrote:
>> To tell you the truth, http://newstyle.maemo.org/ looks good enough
>> already.
> I'm afraid I disagree.

Me too!

> Looking at the front page today shows masses of
> orange far too close together, and the soon falls apart underneath there.
> In IE7 there are also lots of rendering artifacts (two "go" buttons,
> "search" text under the "Go [Search]" buutton, overlapping "more" and
> RSS icons for announcements/events), broken images).

There are also a few issues on the tablets which need to be looked at.

> I believe there'd also been a hope that talk.maemo.org would launch
> with the new site, but everything seems to have gone quiet on that front.
> There was some collaboration between Bergie & Reggie on the
> artifacts needed to build the vBulletin theme, but I've not seen where
> that's gone. What's the status of any negotiations around ITT ->
> talk.maemo.org?
>> I would complete the home
> Admittedly, most of my comments above refer to the non-finished home,
> but as Dave says - there are lots of niggles which just make it feel
> unfinished; nor yet at the quality we'd expect.

I'd say we're close, but need a few weeks of work still (devil is in the
details). It would also be nice to do all templates from talk, wiki,
garage, mailinglists, search at the same time.

Once we fix all issues on all supported browsers for the main page, that
code can be used for the template on all other services. Most templates
should be pretty straightforward.

Going live with a broken site is certainly not what we did all this work
for :)
> Cheers,
> Andrew
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