[maemo-community] Minutes of web design meeting, 2009-01-27

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Wed Jan 28 21:44:09 EET 2009
Hi all,

Here's the minutes of the web meeting last night. Someone remarked that
the transcripts haven't been put online for these meetings and I'm happy
to do that - I know that Niels has done this in the past. Niels, can you
let me know what a good place for maemo-meeting transcripts is, and how
I can upload there, please?


Present (IRC nicks):

glaubertsouza (:22)
Other silent partners  (etrunko, crashanddie, ...)

bergie and X-Fade reported on progress on their end. Development of
maemo2midgard is well underway, the current state of play is visible on

The top priority for bergie and X-Fade is to ensure that standard
content renders well. Bergie said the next priority is Downloads for
X-Fade, Planet and News for bergie. X-Fade said that he felt that Planet
and Downloads still needed to be redesigned, and not just have a new
style applied. timsamoff and dneary both suggested that this could be
done in a separate step from migrating to the new maemo.org style.

dneary proposed that starting the custom development needed for the
totally new pages should be a higher priority - that is, the new front
page, Development, Support and Community.

Immediate next step: bergie needs to solve one or two technical issues
which would allow X-Fade to make progress on the standard content pages.
X-Fade anticipates having a perfectly rendering standard content page by
Friday. Also the midgard upgrade is happening this week.

glaubertsouza arrived and said he'd redesigned about half of the
graphics listed in the Improving maemo.org/Graphics page, but hadn't
updated the page. He wanted to finish them all as one graphics set.
dneary asked that he update the wiki page regularly to allow everyone to
see the progress he was making and allow for early feedback.

glaubertsouza wants to finish and post the icon work Friday. his next
priority will be the design work on the Support page, followed by the
creation of templates (compact & large) for applications and user
profiles, followed by the other pages listed in Improving
maemo.org/Design requested.

There are currently no outstanding content requirements that are on the
TODO list. If anyone reading this has any specific requests for content
that needs writing or modifying in the site redesign, shout.

The next web design meeting will be at the same time next Tuesday, 3rd
February 2009, at 14h UTC, on #maemo-meeting.


maemo.org docsmaster
Email: dneary at maemo.org
Jabber: bolsh at jabber.org

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