[maemo-community] Test Management tool for maemo.org

From: timeless timeless at gmail.com
Date: Thu Jan 29 11:38:01 EET 2009
i wrote:
> I believe mozilla.org has two Test related offerings: Testopia and Litmus.

Jarmo wrote:
> Another issue with Testopia was that it integrates to the Bugzilla and
> I think we would like to be able to update/upgrade maemo.org bugzilla
> without worrying do we have working test management system available
> for it.

perfectly reasonable/understandable.

> My email starts to go off topic so back to test mangement :).
> Would this Litimus be good condidate (e.g. good functionality,
> widly used and independent) test management service?

dunno. i carefully avoided commenting about actual experience. i know
that litmus is the one used by the Firefox QA people. i haven't played
w/ either much.

Historically I've done QA but mostly in these forms:
1. bug filing
2. testcase reduction
3. duplicate resolution
4. smoketesting
5. providing stress tests (low memory, low disk space, large content, ...)

At the present, I'm not doing much of any of these. Instead I'm filing
bugs based on the strings in the shipped product and using that to
drive changes elsewhere. This is partly because the unshipped product
isn't usable.

Jarmo's English when he wrote this wasn't great:
> I just went [through this community['s] list emails quickly through to [try to] find out [if]
> [the] community [had] already decided to [set up] some generic test
> management service for all garage projects.

to which Andrew asked in puzzlement:
> Have you got a URL? I don't remember the discussion.

Jarmo's response which may or may not have clarified matters:
> I could not find discussion either.
> I proposed this issue to Niels and some other our community admins about week ago.

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