[maemo-community] hurting your favorite candidate with stv

From: CLAY S clay at brokenladder.com
Date: Wed Jan 28 07:05:13 EET 2009
benson wrote, and then andrew responded:

>>* The counting method, and its implications on voter strategy, however, gives
*>>* RRV a more significant edge. With STV, many situations arise where voting
*>>* for your favored candidate may hurt his chances of election (versus voting
*>>* against him or not voting at all);  the honest strategy can be seriously
*>>* counterproductive. The voter _must_ try to predict the outcome to know if
*>>* one of these situations is occurring, and alter their vote for maximum
*>>* strategic effect. If they misjudge or disregard this, their honest
*>>* participation may worsen the outcome.
>I've heard this asserted, and seen pages on scorevoting.net which try
>to prove it, but a quick analysis doesn't have me convinced.

>Can you explain how this "hurt your preferred candidate(s)" situation occurs?

what do you mean you're "not convinced"? there are numerous examples on that
site that _prove_ this. here's a URL that demonstrates _numerous_ related


these are just simple undeniable facts. you would have found this page
easily by using the menu on the left hand side, or by doing a quick search.

clay shentrup
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