[maemo-community] Public Council meeting...

From: Kees Jongenburger kees.jongenburger at gmail.com
Date: Mon Jun 8 12:26:08 EEST 2009

I will try to answer these questions for myself in public as I don't
see why wait to x people on a channel
trying to organize something.

On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 4:34 PM, Tim<tim at samoff.com> wrote:
> ###
> THEME: Communication
> 1. What have we done wrong? (5 minutes)
Not much (or did we not do much at all yet?). To be honest I don't
think we can do much wrong
as the tasks we are to do still are vague. so What did we do wrong? I
think we (I) proposed my services without having a real clue what we
where talking about :p. but that said being a council member is a
motivation and a message to others that you are involved and ready to
"to things". I want to represent the developers so I should ask the
developers what they want. The truth is that nobody asked me to do
no developer (once elected) contacted me about any issue so or they
are happy or they don't give a d*mm :p

> 2. What have we done right? (5 minutes)
Having a council is a good step towards a maemo.org organization and I
think that is where we should be heading.

> 3. One place for all communication: Where? (<5 minutes)
>    - Council blog
>    - Council wiki
>    - maemo-community mailing list (if integrated with tmo)
>    - Council subforum on tmo
>    - Other?
> 4. Representing the Maemo Community (maemo.org)... (<10 minutes)
>    - Take _every_ community "item" (request, complaint, etc.) into
>      consideration?
Well we could do something like that for the next election. a "item"
tracker for things people care about.
I am afraid that some parts of the community are more verbal(tmo) and
are giving a twisted view of maemo.org and the council.

>    - Community trusts Council to make assessments/decisions based on
>      these "items"?
Of course
>    - "Items" brough to a Council-moderated "community meeting" so that
>      community can decide?
No way, we need some leadership here. Just like with elections you get
to chose your favor when voting
not every day.

> 5. Representing Maemo SW (Nokia)... (5 minutes)
>    - Is this actually helpful to the community?
>    - Ideas on bettering inter-community communication about official
>      correspondence?
> 6. Tmo moderation: Should all Council members be forum moderators
>   (i.e., Super Moderators)? (<5 minutes)
> 7. Regular Maemo Community town hall meetings? (5 minutes)
>    - At all?
>    - Every month?
>    - 6x/year? (Every other month)
>    - Quarterly?
> 8. Redefinition of Community Council (based on comments at tmo). (<10
> minutes)
>    - All Community Council oriented conversation will happen: Refer to
>      question #3.
>    - Facilitation: making sure that one portion of the community knows
>      what is going on in another.
>    - Refraining from IRC for Council business? (Aside from the
>      possibility of moderating community meetings).
I clearly missed some TMO stuff here and I really think this should be OK
But I don't understand the point above..

>    - Quims proposal:
>              OPEN COMMUNICATION...
>            * News and calls for participation are summarized in the
>              Council blog (RSS).
>            * Council micro-updates can be followed at [new thread to
>              be created in this forum] (watch)
>            * Council oriented conversation happens in the maemo.org
>              Talk forum (archive) and the maemo-community mailing list
>              (archive), in threads identified with the [Council] tag.
>            * Also, Council members are usually present over IRC in
>              #maemo, happy to chat with you.
>    - Separation of Maemo Sprints and Council tasks.
This last point is the hard one. Given the current history I think a
council member should get the
responsability of scrum-master. This is probably a time consuming task
that I don't feel ready to
spend my time on. Overall the person I thrust the most for that is
currently is Quim and I would like him
to put his community hat on. The only problem with that is that he is
not a council memeber :P


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