[maemo-community] Sprint meeting & process

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Mon Jun 22 12:13:11 EEST 2009
On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 09:53, Dave Neary<dneary at maemo.org> wrote:
> Henri Bergius wrote:
>> Great to see Qaiku used for this sort of workstreaming :-)

Well, I'm not convinced - but happy to have to see it tested.

> The wiki page now says that qaiku or Talk will be used for progress
> reports.
> Which should it be? I'm not a qaiku user, and I don't know where on Talk
> I'm supposed to listen. Is there a way top aggregate everything (wiki +
> Talk + qaiku) together? It still seems to me like we're forcing the
> process.

There's been no consensus on the best way to report progress and, as
you pointed out, the existing *mandated* way has not worked either.

The purpose of the progress reporting options in this two week sprint
are to identify which is more successful:

    * A thread on tmo per task, with the owner micro-blogging into it.
    * A Qaiku channel(?) overall, with updates including the task ID.
    * Updating the wiki.

However, I don't like the separation either - but then I didn't like
not having any progress reports. I suspect the answer might be
technological and a little system like the one Stskeeps wrote for Mer.
This would have the following benefits:

    * Reduce the workload for the chair after the sprint meeting,
      by being easy to enter all the new tasks, and auto-generate
      task IDs.

    * Provide a single page, equivalent to the tasks table, showing
      the status of all committed tasks.

    * Manage the simple task workflow we've got.

    * Provide an inbound API for updating tasks' statuses (updates
      the table).

    * Provide an inbound API for micro-blogging activity reporting.

    * Provide an outbound RSS feed collating the various activity.

    * Automatically email reminders to anyone who has committed tasks
      but hasn't provided any status updates for n days.

Then, Nemein can use Qaiku's features to poke the various APIs; the
bot on #maemo can have a task status updating facility; something
could poll other techniques (such as Twitter).

We could even put out a call for someone in the community to write it,
if they felt so obliged; or we could do it in-house, or we could look
for an off-the-shelf solution.

Comments welcome.



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