[maemo-community] Sprint meeting & process

From: Henri Bergius henri.bergius at nemein.com
Date: Mon Jun 22 17:18:07 EEST 2009

2009/6/22 Andrew Flegg <andrew at bleb.org>:
>>> Great to see Qaiku used for this sort of workstreaming :-)
> Well, I'm not convinced - but happy to have to see it tested.

Yep. I think at this point it is most important to try the various
options and then decide on the best-fitting one.

Anyway, at least today's #maemork stream looks quite good (though more
people could be there):

Blogged about this too, so people following Planet instead of this
list can stay up-to-date:

>    * Provide a single page, equivalent to the tasks table, showing
>      the status of all committed tasks.
>    * Manage the simple task workflow we've got.
>    * Provide an inbound API for updating tasks' statuses (updates
>      the table).
>    * Provide an inbound API for micro-blogging activity reporting.
>    * Provide an outbound RSS feed collating the various activity.
>    * Automatically email reminders to anyone who has committed tasks
>      but hasn't provided any status updates for n days.
> Then, Nemein can use Qaiku's features to poke the various APIs; the
> bot on #maemo can have a task status updating facility; something
> could poll other techniques (such as Twitter).

Very good points there. This should be reasonably easy to build using
Qaiku's APIs (especially when the guys from Rohea deploy some feature
patches I sent them) and run on maemo.org's Midgard instance.

I'll think about it, and see if I have time to do a prototype later
this sprint. In the meanwhile, keep workstreaming your activities as
usual :-)

> Andrew


Henri Bergius
Nemein - Web Craftsmanship
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