[maemo-community] Defining the role of the Community Council

From: Qole qole.tablet at gmail.com
Date: Mon Mar 23 20:19:31 EET 2009
So, here I am, elected to the maemo.org Community Council. Now what do I do?

I posed the following question to the other Community Council members, but I
have been asked to post this publicly so that the entire community can
discuss this.

I wrote:

I think a high priority task in the next six months would be to define a
> clear set of responsibilities of council members, both for candidates to
> know what they're applying for and for voters to know what they're voting
> for. If there are any benefits, a list of those would be good too.
> At the moment I get the impression that nobody's exactly sure what we are
> supposed to do, not even the Council members. Note I said "supposed to"
> because what the members of the inaugural Council actually did was good and
> everything, but there's often no clear line between "very involved community
> member" and "community council member". Most of the things that the Council
> members did were the things that committed members do in a community.
> Perhaps that's how we want it to be? Membership on the council is a reward
> for past service, a recognition of a person's standing in the community?
> I just think a vague description of the Council and its duties doesn't help
> anyone.

GeneralAntilles made some good points in the private discussion; I'll let
him repost them here.

Please chip in with your thoughts. When you elected me and the other
Community Council members, what are some of the things that you thought you
were electing us to do?

I hope we can see the wiki page expanded as we hash this out.

http://wiki.maemo.org/Community_Council#Purpose_.28Mission.29 and following

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