[maemo-community] Defining the role of the Community Council

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Tue Mar 24 09:52:31 EET 2009

ext Qole wrote:
> So, here I am, elected to the maemo.org <http://maemo.org> Community
> Council. Now what do I do?

Actually I think this might be related to the low participation in the
election. In the way it was done, your vote basically goes for the ones
you know and appreciated better. If you don't know these guys much, you
are not sure about who should go first, and then you leave it for
tomorrow and...

If instead each candidate would present candidacy with a prioritized
list of tasks s/he is willing to push forward if elected, things are
quite different. You vote more that backlog, and the fact that you think
that person can really push it forward.

Once the new council is formed, it's much easier to get a team backlog
merging the ones from each candidate. In case of doubt, the electorate
has even given an orientation of the candidates/backlogs preferred with
their preferential votes.

But it's never too late. Each council member could come up with their
backlog of 5-10 tasks and then try to merge all the listed tasks.

The backlog left by the current council can be taken into account by the
following cancel and so on. It can also nurture the maemo.org
development backlog... You know, with backlogs the possibilities are
endless.  ;)

Quim Gil

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