[maemo-community] Sprint Task Status Update SSO

From: penguinbait matthew at penguinbait.com
Date: Thu Nov 5 16:25:42 EET 2009
Sorry to all coming in late, Quim requested I push this into the 
community list

OK, so again clearly I do not understand the process.  As for sprint 
meeting themselves, they are held while I am sleeping.  I have been 
looking for the IRC log of the last meeting but have been unable to find 
that yet.

So your saying the only time I can request to find out about a task is 
during a sprint meeting?  This really seems kind of odd to me?  Perhaps 
if I had gone to the sprint page and seen and actual status instead of 
0% done there would be less confusion.  Its obviously more than 0% done 
if its already working in development?  Of the 29 sprint tasks showing, 
4 of them are NOT at 0%.  Of those 29, 10 of the tasks have notes, some 
more useful than others.  It would be nice to get some actual 
information about what happening with each task if something is 
available.  If its white and just standing, I would think there would be 
a note telling why it is at a stand still or what its waiting on.  It 
may be helpful for people who are willing to help out but to not know 
your trying to solve something they are experts at.  At least it would 
help people understand what is actually being worked on and what is 
actually sitting doing nothing.  I am not saying everyday that the 
status (notes) needs to be updated, but perhaps once per week would be 
useful.  Additionally I don't think that every task owner has to reply 
to everybody asking them a question, However, I see nothing wrong with a 
council member requesting status of a task outside of the actual sprint 

Matt Lewis

On 11/05/2009 12:44 AM, Quim Gil wrote:
> ext Valerio Valerio wrote:
>> HI,
>> On Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 10:03 PM, penguinbait<matthew at penguinbait.com
>> <mailto:matthew at penguinbait.com>>  wrote:
>>      9.10-03 	Implement SSO backend 	Must 	indeyets
>>      <http://maemo.org/profile/view/indeyets/>  	0% 	
>>      I tried to contact indeyets at gmail.com<mailto:indeyets at gmail.com>
>>      twice to get a status update but I get no answer.
>> Status updates should be requested at the sprint meetings (last Tuesday).
> Also there is no need to use a private list for public maemo.org tasks.
> maemo-community is good enough to reach all the people involved in the
> maemo.org development.
> Nokia creates enough private information: please don't add more
> yourselves!  :)
> Quim
>> According to Alexey the code is already in place, but needs a newer
>> version of Midgard. Since we're getting new servers it will only be
>> installed in the new ones. There was a delay in the server migration, so
>> this task got stuck too, so now it only depends on 9.10-07.
>> Those with access to the testing server can test this feature already.
>> Best regards,
>> -- 
>> Valério Valério
>> http://www.valeriovalerio.org
>>      Forgive me if I am still confused by this process.  Is this person a
>>      maemo employee or someone in the community helping out?  This task
>>      is staying at 0% and white "just standing" does this mean nothing is
>>      being done on it?  This seems like one of the biggest issues facing
>>      new users, how do we get this moving?
>>      Anyone with any info, insight or ideas?  Feel free to point out the
>>      obvious as I am apparently missing something?
>>      Matt Lewis

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