[maemo-community] Sprint Task Status Update SSO

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Thu Nov 5 17:59:23 EET 2009

penguinbait wrote:
> Sorry to all coming in late, Quim requested I push this into the 
> community list

Good for him, this is the place for it.

> So your saying the only time I can request to find out about a task is 
> during a sprint meeting?

That's not the intention. OK - SCRUM isn't a very good fit for
completely geographically disperse teams - the idea is to have very very
regular sync points, and short bite-sized tasks. SCRUM team members are
supposed to be able to accurately answer the question "what are you
going to do today?"

Monthly meetings are sync points, a way for me (us?) to get feedback
from the council in real time that we're on the right track, working on
things important to you, etc.

If you have any feedback, questions, other tasks to suggest, etc. then
please (and this goes for everyone, not just you), bring them up here,
we'll talk about them. Getting tasks added between sprint meetings is

> Perhaps 
> if I had gone to the sprint page and seen and actual status instead of 
> 0% done there would be less confusion.  Its obviously more than 0% done 
> if its already working in development?  Of the 29 sprint tasks showing, 
> 4 of them are NOT at 0%.  Of those 29, 10 of the tasks have notes, some 
> more useful than others.

This seems reasonable to me, 2 days after the sprint meeting. I've been
using the maemork channel on qaiku to talk about what I've been working
on - I'm not going to update the wiki page every day as well - that
would be duplicated effort. Some others have not gotten into the habit
of regular reporting (and I wasn't very good at it when it was in the
wiki either), so asking for updates on things that are important to you
seems like a good way to go for me, as long as you ask nicely.

> I am not saying everyday that the 
> status (notes) needs to be updated, but perhaps once per week would be 
> useful.

That's pretty much the norm. Maybe less if there really isn't anything
being done with the task. Since we had a sprint meeting this week, I'd
expect the first updates to be arriving sometime next week.

>  Additionally I don't think that every task owner has to reply 
> to everybody asking them a question, However, I see nothing wrong with a 
> council member requesting status of a task outside of the actual sprint 
> meeting.

Nor do I. I'd like to see it happen here rather than in private mail,
though, as Quim & Valerio said. And I think it would be nice if people
didn't single out the fact that someone's a Nokia employee in a way that
sounds like "you're not doing your job". A simple request "anyone know
what's happening with this task, please? It's important to me" will be
more effective, I think.


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