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From: penguinbait matthew at penguinbait.com
Date: Thu Nov 5 20:18:05 EET 2009
I am looking for status update on the SSO task.  I have sent two email's 
to the task owner with no response.  This task has sat at 0% all last 
month with no updates on 9.10-03.

Valério Valério wrote

"According to Alexey the code is already in place, but needs a newer 
version of Midgard. Since we're getting new servers it will only be 
installed in the new ones. There was a delay in the server migration, so 
this task got stuck too, so now it only depends on 9.10-07.
Those with access to the testing server can test this feature already."

OK, where should I have gone to find this out without having to ask the 
question?  Why is this info not on the task in the sprint page, its 
clearly available.

OK, so I now go look at 9.10-07
9.10-07 	Server migration 	Must 	Ferenc 
<http://maemo.org/profile/view/feri/> 	0% 	Servers will be available in 
November only. 	

Why will Servers be available in November only?  Is there a purchase 
your waiting for, a delivery, some code to move, what does this mean?  
To me a migration consists of plenty of steps prior to getting a 
physical box.  I assume ideas and plans for the migration have been 
discussed and laid out, wouldn't this be greater than 0%.

I went to the maemork and read, but I don't see anything about these 
tasks, nothing informative anyway.

I guess I am looking for a way to actually see whats going on without 
asking different people questions about every task in the list.  It 
would be much cleaner to periodically report status and in one location, 
which would also save on mis-communication and perceived attitudes when 
people ask questions.

This all stemmed from me trying to get involved to help in any way with 
the SSO task as it is VERY important to ME.  I finally found out that 
the task is actually not 0% and its waiting for another task to 
complete.  So prior to sending out an email to Ferenc asking if there 
was anyway I could help with that task, I decided to find out what the 
heck I am supposed to be reading to find this out.

I point this out as I believe I am far from the only one with this 
confusion and I think its an obstacle to getting more people involved on 
a project or task.  Furthermore I really don't think 4-5 edits in a wiki 
a month is too much to ask for.  Although hating wiki's myself, I am not 
against another form to provide status updates, as long as they are 
consistent among tasks and easy to find.

As a council member, I believe its my job to get more people and the 
right people involved in the tasks that I think benefit the community.  
The difficulty became for me finding out what people are working on and 
what roadblocks or obstacles are in there way.

While I do not want to become another obstacle to any task, I would like 
to see more informative status updates be placed into the Sprint pages.  
Especially on any sprint task with the priority of "must".

Matt Lewis

On 11/05/2009 10:59 AM, Dave Neary wrote:
> Hi,
> penguinbait wrote:
>> Sorry to all coming in late, Quim requested I push this into the
>> community list
> Good for him, this is the place for it.
>> So your saying the only time I can request to find out about a task is
>> during a sprint meeting?
> That's not the intention. OK - SCRUM isn't a very good fit for
> completely geographically disperse teams - the idea is to have very very
> regular sync points, and short bite-sized tasks. SCRUM team members are
> supposed to be able to accurately answer the question "what are you
> going to do today?"
> Monthly meetings are sync points, a way for me (us?) to get feedback
> from the council in real time that we're on the right track, working on
> things important to you, etc.
> If you have any feedback, questions, other tasks to suggest, etc. then
> please (and this goes for everyone, not just you), bring them up here,
> we'll talk about them. Getting tasks added between sprint meetings is
> possible.
>> Perhaps
>> if I had gone to the sprint page and seen and actual status instead of
>> 0% done there would be less confusion.  Its obviously more than 0% done
>> if its already working in development?  Of the 29 sprint tasks showing,
>> 4 of them are NOT at 0%.  Of those 29, 10 of the tasks have notes, some
>> more useful than others.
> This seems reasonable to me, 2 days after the sprint meeting. I've been
> using the maemork channel on qaiku to talk about what I've been working
> on - I'm not going to update the wiki page every day as well - that
> would be duplicated effort. Some others have not gotten into the habit
> of regular reporting (and I wasn't very good at it when it was in the
> wiki either), so asking for updates on things that are important to you
> seems like a good way to go for me, as long as you ask nicely.
>> I am not saying everyday that the
>> status (notes) needs to be updated, but perhaps once per week would be
>> useful.
> That's pretty much the norm. Maybe less if there really isn't anything
> being done with the task. Since we had a sprint meeting this week, I'd
> expect the first updates to be arriving sometime next week.
>>   Additionally I don't think that every task owner has to reply
>> to everybody asking them a question, However, I see nothing wrong with a
>> council member requesting status of a task outside of the actual sprint
>> meeting.
> Nor do I. I'd like to see it happen here rather than in private mail,
> though, as Quim&  Valerio said. And I think it would be nice if people
> didn't single out the fact that someone's a Nokia employee in a way that
> sounds like "you're not doing your job". A simple request "anyone know
> what's happening with this task, please? It's important to me" will be
> more effective, I think.
> Cheers,
> Dave.

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