[maemo-community] Command line apps & Extras

From: Tim Samoff samoff at gmail.com
Date: Sat Nov 28 19:20:23 EET 2009

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> 1 - Modify the HAM code in order to add some kind of switcher for the CLI
> apps - Very good solution IMO, but very hard to accomplish in the short
> term.
> 2 - All Cli apps should use the same app icon - Seems good to me, the
> regular users will learn and the power users will be happy to have all these
> apps available.
> 3 - All CLI app should have a default sentence in his description, that
> clearly states that the app is only usable from the command line (no icon,
> no GUI) - Most of the users will not read the descriptions, but if they
> complain about it, is their fault because the notice is there :P .  A
> similar sentence should be also used in the enablers (OGG support,..).
> I think 2 & 3 is perfectly doable in the short term and perhaps can make
> both sides happy. Thoughts ?

+2 from me. (Don't I count as two votes?) :p




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