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From: Timo Pelkonen peltsip at gmail.com
Date: Mon Nov 30 06:54:07 EET 2009
2009/11/30 Graham Cobb <g+770 at cobb.uk.net <g%2B770 at cobb.uk.net>>

> On Sunday 29 November 2009 11:33:50 Timo Pelkonen wrote:
> > ----- Alkuperäinen viesti -----
> >
> > > Can we not have an extras-CLI repository that a power user would have
> > > to manually install in app manager like extras-testing?
> >
> > How hard would this be to accomplish? And if it could be added just as
> > extras out of the box (needs to be enabled by user before use)
> I am opposed to this.  All applications should be available in Extras: good
> bad, easy to use, hard to use.  The UI style doesn't define how good,
> useful
> or even usable an application is: there are plenty of bad GUI applications
> in
> the world.
> If people want to create Fart applications and people want to download them
> then fine!  They should be allowed into Extras.  Similarly, if people want
> to
> create CLI applications and people want to download them, that is also
> fine.
> Leave Ovi to impose rules and subjective judgements.  In the community
> repository we should allow all applications and rely on users to rate and
> review them.  Let the users decide!
> Graham
Yes, it would be the best for your use cases, but you all have to remember
what step 5 means... and easier the platform is to approach, more we have
userbase etc in the long run.

If you want to keep Maemo as a geek OS, it will die away. if Maemo succeeds,
soon it is not so geek friendly anymore. so: keep the backdoor open and give
official documentation how to gain root, red pill mode etc...if you want to
start adapting slowly. If you want to do it painfully, I am 110% sure Nokia
will do it sooner or later...

Because Nokia will be responsible for customers in the end, not the
community. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

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