[maemo-community] VS: Re: Command line apps & Extras

From: Tim Samoff samoff at gmail.com
Date: Mon Nov 30 14:38:11 EET 2009

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> Yes, it would be the best for your use cases, but you all have to remember
> what step 5 means... and easier the platform is to approach, more we have
> userbase etc in the long run.
> If you want to keep Maemo as a geek OS, it will die away. if Maemo succeeds,
> soon it is not so geek friendly anymore. so: keep the backdoor open and give
> official documentation how to gain root, red pill mode etc...if you want to
> start adapting slowly. If you want to do it painfully, I am 110% sure Nokia
> will do it sooner or later...
> Because Nokia will be responsible for customers in the end, not the
> community. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Agreed. (Mostly, but not so differently as to add anything more.)



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