[maemo-community] Upcoming Brainstorm improvements

From: Henri Bergius henri.bergius at nemein.com
Date: Thu Oct 22 12:47:53 EEST 2009
Hi, all

We had a meeting today with Quim and Osku about Maemo Brainstorm, and
here are the notes about it.

Next we'll prioritize the various items and start hacking. Progress
can be monitored in
(yes, this is all happening in the open, so feel free to contribute :-)

We need to get normal Maemo users involved, not just hackers

Difficult to get an overview of what is going on
	Activity log view: "there were three solutions, these ideas etc yesterday"
		Also RSS feed
		This should be the default Brainstorm view
	Getting notifications on what is interesting to you:
		Mail notifications about comments, votes, solutions to people
voting, proposing solutions etc
		Checkbox for "watch this idea" / "unwatch"
	Being able to watch a category
		New ideas, solutions, status changes
	My Brainstorm
		Add ideas / solutions you've commented or watched to the My Brainstorm page
		Promote the My Brainstorm page

Remove navigation column, use the whole page width
	Add categories to the navigation

Clearer CSS for the Solutions
	Cut solution text to shorter abstract in listing views (or maybe just
the title)

Allow entering a solution when entering an idea
	More clearly label the Idea as a Problem, with separate Solution field

Short text explaining Brainstorm shown on every page (Quim will write it)

Talk integration
	RSS feed of new ideas is pulled to t.m.o, Talk thread created for the
idea automatically
	We get RSS feed for each Talk thread so we can link to the thread
from the idea (and show 5 latest posts or so)

Sandbox to Under consideration
	Remove voting of Solutions from Sandbox
	Add voting to ideas in Sandbox
	If Idea passes certain checks (has solution, enough votes, etc) move
to Under Consideration automatically

Brainstorm on Community page
	Additional box to content area showing something from Brainstorm
Brainstorm on maemo.org frontpage
	Under News?

Karma from Brainstorm
	You already get karma for voting and commenting
	Karma needed for ideas and solutions
		Bonus if the idea or solution is implemented

In Bugzilla:
	Selected solutions should be marked in an idea
	Test that attached images are shown properly
	HTML titles to individual pages
	New category view showing all ideas regardless of status and Maemo versions
		Make Milestone, Category and Status filter pulldowns so you can mix-and-match
	Broken RSS feeds?
	Show the Idea when creating a Solution
	HTML entitize reserved characters in titles

Note: update Brainstorms about Brainstorm

Henri Bergius
Nemein - Web Craftsmanship
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