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Date: Fri Oct 23 02:44:27 EEST 2009
Thank you! Thank you! Those all sound like excellent enhancements!

As usual, I wish these announcements were posted on Talk, but that's just
silly old forum-centric me.

On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 2:47 AM, Henri Bergius <henri.bergius at nemein.com>wrote:

> Hi, all
> We had a meeting today with Quim and Osku about Maemo Brainstorm, and
> here are the notes about it.
> Next we'll prioritize the various items and start hacking. Progress
> can be monitored in
> http://trac.midgard-project.org/browser/branches/ragnaroek/midcom/org.maemo.brainstorm
> (yes, this is all happening in the open, so feel free to contribute :-)
> We need to get normal Maemo users involved, not just hackers
> Difficult to get an overview of what is going on
>        Activity log view: "there were three solutions, these ideas etc
> yesterday"
>                Also RSS feed
>                This should be the default Brainstorm view
>        Getting notifications on what is interesting to you:
>                Mail notifications about comments, votes, solutions to
> people
> voting, proposing solutions etc
>                Checkbox for "watch this idea" / "unwatch"
>        Being able to watch a category
>                New ideas, solutions, status changes
>        My Brainstorm
>                Add ideas / solutions you've commented or watched to the My
> Brainstorm page
>                Promote the My Brainstorm page
> Remove navigation column, use the whole page width
>        Add categories to the navigation
> Clearer CSS for the Solutions
>        Cut solution text to shorter abstract in listing views (or maybe
> just
> the title)
> Allow entering a solution when entering an idea
>        More clearly label the Idea as a Problem, with separate Solution
> field
> Short text explaining Brainstorm shown on every page (Quim will write it)
> Talk integration
>        RSS feed of new ideas is pulled to t.m.o, Talk thread created for
> the
> idea automatically
>        We get RSS feed for each Talk thread so we can link to the thread
> from the idea (and show 5 latest posts or so)
> Sandbox to Under consideration
>        Remove voting of Solutions from Sandbox
>        Add voting to ideas in Sandbox
>        If Idea passes certain checks (has solution, enough votes, etc) move
> to Under Consideration automatically
> Brainstorm on Community page
>        Additional box to content area showing something from Brainstorm
> Brainstorm on maemo.org frontpage
>        Under News?
> Karma from Brainstorm
>        You already get karma for voting and commenting
>        Karma needed for ideas and solutions
>                Bonus if the idea or solution is implemented
> In Bugzilla:
>        Selected solutions should be marked in an idea
>        Test that attached images are shown properly
>        HTML titles to individual pages
>        New category view showing all ideas regardless of status and Maemo
> versions
>                Make Milestone, Category and Status filter pulldowns so you
> can mix-and-match
>        Broken RSS feeds?
>        Show the Idea when creating a Solution
>        HTML entitize reserved characters in titles
> Note: update Brainstorms about Brainstorm
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