[maemo-community] Summit hotel room allocation & management

From: Sebastian 'CrashandDie' Lauwers crashanddie at gmail.com
Date: Tue Sep 29 13:16:25 EEST 2009
On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 11:21 AM, Quim Gil <quim.gil at nokia.com> wrote:
> I just learned that the group reservation is booked and paid, without
> any way back.


> We can fill it with Nokians, though. For instance, I'm staying in the
> same hotel but I had bookedf my own room.
> So please, let us know how many rooms are you using and we will do our
> best using the rest. This is actually urgent now.

How about we do it the other way around? Get all the Nokians to use up
as many rooms as possible (and thus spare individual costs and
expenses) and then get a count of the number of rooms available for
community members in need?

It'll be a lot easier to organise Nokians canceling accomodation where
possible (no need to cancel a room if you don't get a refund) rather
than playing hit'n'miss with community members who in end might make a
fuss because they're going to be matched with this or that person.

Anyone else for giving priority to Nokians?

question = ( to ) ? be : ! be;
      -- Wm. Shakespeare
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