[maemo-community] Imagine the MeeGo council (was Re: Encouragement to council candidates)

From: Ian vern at riseup.net
Date: Sat Mar 13 04:15:30 EET 2010
Moblin is (and was) very developer orientated. The good side of this
is that the Moblin guys really get things done - the downside is that
there was never the real need for the community structures in place
which Maemo had.

The only community orientated resource I know of is a mailing list for
the Brazilian Moblin community
and there was never a need to create a council around that. They did
however run a competition for app building using the Moblin platform
and this was extremely popular (this was interestingly run in both
Brazil and India but nowhere else as I remember).
The prize was devices (like the Developer Device Program in Maemo).
Intel are also very keen to stimulate entrepreneurship around the
Moblin platform with a specific VC program related to it. I am sure
this will continue for Meego



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