[maemo-community] Imagine the MeeGo council (was Re: Encouragement to council candidates)

From: penguinbait matthew at penguinbait.com
Date: Sat Mar 13 08:03:14 EET 2010
On 03/12/2010 09:15 PM, Ian wrote:
> Hi
> Moblin is (and was) very developer orientated. The good side of this
> is that the Moblin guys really get things done - the downside is that
> there was never the real need for the community structures in place
> which Maemo had.
> The only community orientated resource I know of is a mailing list for
> the Brazilian Moblin community
> https://lists.moblin.org/mailman/listinfo/moblin-br
> and there was never a need to create a council around that. They did
> however run a competition for app building using the Moblin platform
> and this was extremely popular (this was interestingly run in both
> Brazil and India but nowhere else as I remember).
> The prize was devices (like the Developer Device Program in Maemo).
> Intel are also very keen to stimulate entrepreneurship around the
> Moblin platform with a specific VC program related to it. I am sure
> this will continue for Meego
> Ian

In my opinion, Maemo was and is the same, "developer focused".  The fact 
that internettablettalk has been integrated into the maemo community 
(talk.maemo.org) has not stopped this.  It has just created two separate 
communities that thus far have refused to integrate into a single entity.

Since SSO and linking the mailing list with the forums have failed to 
happen, it has left a community divided and many of them don't even know 
about the other, nor should the community expect its users to follow on 
5 separate mediums to be able to get the whole picture.

Matt Lewis

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