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From: Alexey Zakhlestin indeyets at gmail.com
Date: Mon Mar 15 10:25:59 EET 2010
On 15.03.2010, at 10:34, Randall Arnold wrote:

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>> On 15.03.2010, at 2:26, Randall Arnold wrote:
>>> I'm looking for feedback and possible collaboration on a project. 
>>> The idea is podcasting + conferencing + listener input (twitter, et 
>>> al). Google Summer of Code candidate maybe?
>>> More on my blog: 
>>> http://tabulacrypticum.wordpress.com/2010/03/14/qt-podcasting-conferencing-twitter/
>>> Thanks in advance, even just for reading.
>> Openmeetings is not a google-owned project. it is just hosted at google-code
>> Other than that…
>> I have a strong opinion, that quality of audio in podcasts is 
>> essential. And the classical formula for getting good audio-quality 
>> is:
>> 1) All "main" participants of podcast have to write their own 
>> audio-tracks independently (only their own voice) and after the show 
>> those are mixed together
> Unfortunately that goes against the spirit of the idea, ie, that the podcast is collaborative.  Are you saying it isn't practical?  If that's the case then I can't see going any further with the idea.  There are already tools that do individual 'casts well.

You misunderstood this part, I think.
Podacst is collaborative and is done using Skype. But everyone records their own tracks, so that in downloadable copy the quality is higher.
Any realtime collaboration software uses suboptimal codecs which hurts end-result. It might be ok for live-broadcast, but not ok for distributable copy.

also note, that I told that it is requirement only for "main" participants. Voices of others can be taken from backup-track made by host (#3 in my list). Small pieces of low-quality audio are ok.

>> 2) Podcast-session is done via Skype. Skype's audio-quality is better 
>> than anything else and it's easy to add more participants when needed
> Not everyone will use Skype.  I won't due to a security problem they caused for me last year.

Well, other VoIP software will work too, but the quality of live-broadcast will be worse in this case.

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