[maemo-community] [Meego-community] Qt | Podcasting + conferencing + Twitter

From: Tim Samoff tim at samoff.com
Date: Mon Mar 15 13:23:45 EET 2010

> You misunderstood this part, I think.
> Podacst is collaborative and is done using Skype. But everyone records their own tracks, so that in downloadable copy the quality is higher.
> Any realtime collaboration software uses suboptimal codecs which hurts end-result. It might be ok for live-broadcast, but not ok for distributable copy.

Thanks for clarifying. I was just going to. Yeah, everyone still talks 
to each other (by whatever means) and records the audio locally. Then, 
the files are mixed to create the final version.

> Well, other VoIP software will work too, but the quality of live-broadcast will be worse in this case.

I agree. I don't know if ever major podcast (or almost every major 
podcast) uses Skype, but it's pretty common. And, hey, if it's good 
enough for Oprah... :p

Honestly, the security issues (which are actually minimal (I use Skype 
weekly with my brother in Indonesia and I've never had a problem), are 
moot (imho) in the case of a podcast session.


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