[maemo-community] Maintainer Removal

From: Aranel Surion aranel at aranelsurion.org
Date: Sun Mar 21 13:17:49 EET 2010
It seems something went wrong about my mail, so sending it again:

Hi to all, It's my first mail to here, so If It's wrong to post it here or
> something, I'm sorry. Sending a mail here suggested on Freenode.
> Today, I've noticed some guy added himself (I did not add him) as
> Maintainer on my package (turkish-l10n). He's not a part of Garage crew, he
> did not ask me for permission. I would not care if someone with enough fame
> (a Nokia staff or someone from Maemo Team) added himself, but since he's
> karma points is only 3, and I dont recognize him, I'm a bit worried about my
> package if he uploads something malicious etc. He's name is "abdo baggar"
> and here's my package: http://maemo.org/packages/view/turkish-l10n/
> It's the only Turkish localization package now, and even it's not promoted
> to -testing (I will) still lots of people from Turkey downloads and uses it.
> So terrible things can happen. Stskeeps from #maemo said It's not the first
> weird instance of this problem.
> I could not find any way to remove him from package so asking for his
> removal.
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