[maemo-community] Maintainer Removal

From: Niels Breet niels at maemo.org
Date: Mon Mar 22 13:16:23 EET 2010
On Sun, March 21, 2010 12:17, Aranel Surion wrote:
> It seems something went wrong about my mail, so sending it again:
> Hi to all, It's my first mail to here, so If It's wrong to post it here
> or
>> something, I'm sorry. Sending a mail here suggested on Freenode.
>> Today, I've noticed some guy added himself (I did not add him) as
>> Maintainer on my package (turkish-l10n). He's not a part of Garage crew,
>> he did not ask me for permission. I would not care if someone with
>> enough fame (a Nokia staff or someone from Maemo Team) added himself,
>> but since he's karma points is only 3, and I dont recognize him, I'm a
>> bit worried about my package if he uploads something malicious etc. He's
>> name is "abdo baggar" and here's my package:
>> http://maemo.org/packages/view/turkish-l10n/
I've removed the user.

In the past only maemo.org admins could accept or reject maintainer
requests. This was done as an easy way to get started, but this needed to
be done better.

Last week I deployed a new version of the maintainer part, with some
changes to the requests. Maintainers of a project will now get maintainer
request notifications per email and can accept or reject the request

I hope this will solve the issue.

Niels Breet
maemo.org webmaster

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