[maemo-community] Cannot import docs directly into wiki.maemo.org

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Thu May 13 18:03:25 EEST 2010

Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com wrote:
> If this current guy is not able to do (or organize somebody else to do
> it) we need to find someone else to do it. Or do you have some other
> option in your mind. I would be interested to know if you have?

This is the second time you've said this, which leads me to believe that
you still misunderstand the situation.

The Maemo servers are run by sysadmins, who have root on those machines.
They decide what software gets installed and what kinds of scripts we
run for various software on the server.

As you prove yourself & gain trust, they may open up partial access for
you to do things autonomously on the servers, as has happened (for
example) with me for some MediaWiki  issues, and for the election voting
software & database. I now have access to the MediaWiki database and
software, and although I don't have write access for any of the
software, this means that I can help find and propose solutions to problems.

If you would like some software to be installed on the servers, you have
to convince the sysadmins. Those sysadmins are Niels, Ferenc and Eero.

I explained to you that Niels is not comfortable installing this
software on a production server. I'm a little disappointed that he
hasn't yet joined the discussion, but that's beside the point. You
insist that the software *must* be installed and run on the production
server. Therefore, we are at an impasse.

Unless you can convince Niels, Eero or Ferenc to install the
maemodoc-tools software as documented, then we will continue to be at an
impasse. I cannot convince them, because (as I have repeatedly said), I
don't personally think it's a very good idea.

And calling me "this current guy" or implying that it is somehow my
incompetence which is the only blockage to getting this done is
disingenuous, and frankly insulting.


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