[maemo-community] Proposed reorganization of documentation bug reporting

From: Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com
Date: Tue May 18 14:55:19 EEST 2010
Hi again,

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> From: Tikka Jarmo (Nokia-D/Helsinki)
> Sent: 18 May, 2010 13:15
> Those UI specs are now released as separate tutorials "Maemo Hildon 2.2
> UI Guide" and "Maemo Hildon 2.2 UI Widget Guide" in Maemo Info Center.
> See http://library.maemodocs.nokia.com/fremantle/index.jsp?nav=/1
> Bugs for these Hildon guides should be reported under "Documentation"
> classification to the "Tutorials" product.
> NOTICE there seems to be some hickup either in Maemo Info Center
> deployment for our Info Center clusters or in Akamai world wide cache
> network configuration because I cannot find those docs from Info Center
> anymore. They are anyhow still downloadable from here
> http://library.maemodocs.nokia.com/documents/fremantle/Maemo_5_SDK_Docu
> mentation/
> I will try to check which problem this is and fix it asap.

Those Hildon 2.2. UI docs are back again in Info Center. 

We are still investigating what actually was wrong in Info Center to be able to prevent this to happen again. Problem was not related to Akamai cache servers but most probably Info Center cluster deployment or our loadbalancer configurations was somewhat broken.

Anyhow docs are back again for people to file bugs...

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