[maemo-community] Proposed reorganization of documentation bug reporting

From: Andre Klapper aklapper at openismus.com
Date: Tue May 18 17:22:25 EEST 2010

Am Dienstag, den 18.05.2010, 12:14 +0200 schrieb Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com:
> What I am still wondering is "UI Specification" product under "Maemo
> Official Platform" classification here:
> https://bugs.maemo.org/enter_bug.cgi?classification=Maemo%20Official%
> 20Platform
> Those UI specs are now released as separate tutorials

No. Two UI specs were released, but not all the other internal UI Specs.
But that's up to Nokia and not my business...

> *****
> Under classification "Websites" there is wrong description for
> "Maemo.org Website" product saying that documentation bugs should be
> filed under "Development Platform" classification when they now should
> be filed under "Documentation" classification.

Thanks! Fixed.

Andre Klapper (maemo.org bugmaster)

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