[maemo-community] MWKN issue creation @ MeeGo Conference, Sunday evening

From: Kathy Smith kathy at revdkathy.com
Date: Wed Nov 10 19:47:59 EET 2010
I'll be around then. Unless I am tied up at that point with greeters 
business, I'd be happy to help any way I can.


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As Ryan and I - editors of MWKN[1] - will be at the MeeGo Conference
on Sunday evening, we'll try and find some space to get together to
put together the issue. We'd love to have some help!

M* Weekly News is a weekly news digest from the MeeGo/Maemo worlds;
inspired by LWN and Wine Weekly News:


Throughout the week, contributors ping over links and short titles to
the @mwkn account on Twitter. These then get expanded with quotes,
de-duplication etc. on a Sunday evening for the issue to be published
on Monday morning.

The idea is that the community is far too large for any one person to
know everything going on, so we can crowdsource the interesting bits
which are happening on IRC, the mailing lists, the fora, elsewhere on
the Internet etc.

Getting involved as a contributor, or an editor (to help with putting
the issue together), couldn't be easier; and we'd love to have more
people involved.

Please feel free to get involved[2] ahead of time or - if you're going
to around on Sunday evening - let me know, and you can either come
along and help edit the issue; give us moral support or just get a
flavour of what it is we do.

Thanks in advance,


[1] http://www.mwkn.net/
[2] http://wiki.maemo.org/Maemo_Weekly_News#Implementation

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