[maemo-community] Reminder: Last minute change: Maemo Meeting: Thursday, 11 November, 18:00 UTC

From: Tim Samoff tim at samoff.com
Date: Thu Nov 11 19:10:28 EET 2010
Maemo meeting in 1-hour at irc://chat.freenode.net/maemo-meeting .

Tim Samoff wrote:
> Hi,
> A lot of important people won't be able to make the meeting tomorrow, so
> I'm going to bump it to Thursday, 11 November, at 1800 UTC. Regardless
> whether or not people can make the new date, it will proceed. The
> community should have a chance to have a word (if needed) and whomever
> is present can voice any concerns or provide ideas and feedback for
> MeeGo Conference.
> The one thing I would like is the the m.o staff take a few minutes to
> address Andrew's email via this list before 1800 UTC on Thursday --
> especially if you can't make it.
> http://lists.maemo.org/pipermail/maemo-community/2010-September/004519.html
> This will be helpful in preparing us to move forward in the next year.
> Secondly, if anyone have any Maemo/MeeGo concerns to address during our
> meeting and can't make it, please send them to this list as well.
> Thank you. I hope to see you at the meeting.
> Tim


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