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From: Tim Samoff tim at samoff.com
Date: Thu Nov 11 23:23:03 EET 2010
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We had a great meeting at irc://chat.freenode.net/maemo-meeting . There
was good attendance and a lot of subjects were covered.

In Attendance:

* achipa
* andre__
* Andy80
* anidel
* aslani
* bergie
* dneary
* ferenc
* gregoa
* Jaffa
* MahammadAG
* RevdKathy
* Stskeeps
* sx0n
* tekojo
* X-Fade

Let me rehash the agenda:

1. Community (including m.o website) infrastructure
2. MeeGo from a Maemo perspective
3. Maemo-specific issues in a MeeGo world
4. The state of m.o tasks and Sprints
5. The future of the m.o website
6. Open forum

Action Items based on Agenda:

1 & 4. There are still a number of open-ended questions[1] pertaining to
the current maemo.org "ownership" and infrastructure. Now that the m.o
staff is employed by the community, a few philosophical shifts must be
made. As of today's meeting, we have decided to create a
community-driven "Process" plan, discussed further at MeeGo Conference,
and then "adopted" by the m.o staff. We are leaning toward using
Bugzilla for logging and tracking Sprint tasks, as well as creating
deadlines for said tasks. Task progress and BAU reporting will be
handled via periodic (period TBD) via the maemo-community mailing list.

2 & 3. There was agreement in the fact that we (Maemo) have a lot to
bring to MeeGo in the way of past experience. Likewise, we all
understand the importance of communicating the conference
(bi-directionally) with the Maemo Community. This being said, if you
can't make it to the conference, but would like to get a word in
edge-wise, there are two methods of approach. You can either use the
Maemo Community Council at MeeGo Conference forum[2] at
http://talk.maemo.org , or Tweet using the hashtag #MaemoCouncil. Kathy
Smith (RevdKathy) and Andrea Grandi (Andy80) will be helping to filter
this information into cohesive questions and comments at the conference.

5. The maemo.org website is in a fairly stable state, although there are
still some lingering issues (latest version of Bugzilla, Single Sign-On,
etc.). The m.o staff has assured that several of these issues will be
resolved before 2011. Even so, we are going to keep an open conversation
going at the conference in order to brainstorm some future possibilities
for m.o.

6. There is an initiative to further with with the Maemo 5 Community
SSU... A lot of people are in support of this item, but there aren't a
lot of people who are volunteering to help (as of yet). You will hear
more about this in the near future.

I'd like to thank everyone who could make it today.

See you soon,


[2] Forum not yet created or accessible.

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