[maemo-community] No more anonymous edits

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Thu Feb 10 12:48:34 EET 2011

Thomas Perl wrote:
> As for the spam problem: Isn't there a reCAPTCHA plugin for Mediawiki
> or something? If that's annoying for regular contributors, make it so
> that the reCAPTCHA is required for users below a certain Wiki karma
> boundary, and above that, just let the user edit without having to
> fill in a captcha (some spambots have no problem registering an
> account and posting spam there, so just requiring registration
> probably doesn't help).

We have the following extensions installed on our MediaWiki (contents of
BugzillaReports		DynamicPageList		    ParserFunctions
BugzillaReports_v0.9	EditHelp.php		    README
BugzillaReports_v0.9.8	ExtensionFunctions.php.bak  RSSReader
CategoryTree		extensions_from_oldmaemo    SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi
Cite			GForgeAuthentication	    Userlogin_maemo
ConfirmEdit		ImageMap		    UserMerge

ExtensionFunctions.php.bak: Not sure what that is. README is just a
README, and extensions_from_oldmaemo contains only CategoryTree.

I guess that we could install a recaptcha extension...

The state of the discussion was this:

The end result is that we use the default "simple maths test" for
anonymous edits on wiki.m.o and adopted a "wait & see" to see how bad
spam was.

I can report a marked increase in the spam that needs cleaning up since
around November or December. I have to take my hat off to amigadave
(David King) who has been policing the spammers well, and Jack Tanner,
who was cleaning up the content (unfortunately, since he couldn't delete
pages or revert edits previously, his clean-up work still needed further
clean-up to avoid page names & history polluting the wiki - now that
he's a sysop, that should solve that problem).

I don't have any time to do this in the very near future, but I can keep
it on my plate - can someone ping me in a couple of weeks if it hasn't
happened? I might need a few pings before I manage to make time for it,
but at least every 2 weeks I can let you know ;)


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