[maemo-community] No more anonymous edits

From: Henri Bergius henri.bergius at nemein.com
Date: Thu Feb 10 13:20:26 EET 2011
On 10 February 2011 12:48, Dave Neary <dneary at maemo.org> wrote:
> I can report a marked increase in the spam that needs cleaning up since
> around November or December. I have to take my hat off to amigadave
> (David King) who has been policing the spammers well, and Jack Tanner,
> who was cleaning up the content

This is the part I was a bit afraid of ... potential contributors to
wiki content end up spending their time policing against spam instead
of doing something more interesting. But yeah, maybe the math check
will help.

> Dave.


Henri Bergius
Nemein - Web Craftsmanship
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