[maemo-community] Proposal: Cell Broadcast SMS on N900

From: Jonathan Wilson jfwfreo at tpgi.com.au
Date: Sat Feb 12 03:33:04 EET 2011
I have been investigating the possibility of adding support for Cell 
Broadcast SMS to the N900.
Cell Broadcast SMS is used for a few things, the most common use is for 
operators to display a cell tower name or ID or location (my operator 
displays usually a suburb name or sometimes the name of a large venue like 
an airport or train station or shopping center where it has a tower).
Its also used to send various kinds of emergency messages for things like 
fires, floods, cyclones etc.

My investigations have shown that the N900 cellular modem and telephony 
stack already support Cell Broadcast SMS.

In order to implement Cell Broadcast SMS, there are 2 things I would like 
to have that would make things easier to do:
The first (as described in this bug 
https://bugs.maemo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=8347 ) is information on the 
arguments to the IncomingCBS dbus signal so we can listen for that signal 
and receive incoming cell broadcasts (I can confirm via dbus-monitor that 
the signal IS being sent)

The second item I would like to have is header files for the connectivity 
UI shared libraries to allow dealing with such things as flight mode 
notifications and determining when you are connected to a cell network.
This is covered by this bug

Having these connectivity UI headers would have benefits for others writing 
connectivity related widgets, status bar plugins and control panels that 
need to interact with the lower levels of the telephony and internet stacks 
(such as support for alternative wireless network authentication mechanisms)
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