[maemo-community] [CSSU] maemo-developers as official mailing list for Community SSU?

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Thu Feb 17 17:44:43 EET 2011

I'd like to propose that we say maemo-developers is the "official"
mailing list for discussion about the development of the Maemo 5
Community SSU:


The traffic here is quite low now, and this would be taking us back
towards the 2005 definition of the list: to discuss the development of
Maemo :-)

I don't expect the traffic to be high, but would suggest that CSSU
topics are prefixed with "[CSSU]" in the subject line.

Does anybody (incl. MohammadAG ;-)) have any objections? If not, I'll
update the appropriate wiki page (Community_SSU/Development)

Perhaps it would even be possible to subscribe maemo-developers to
merge requests under http://gitorious.org/community-ssu (something
mardy sort of suggested); but that might be an idea too far.

Comments, as ever, welcome.

Thanks in advance,


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