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From: Felipe Crochik felipe at crochik.com
Date: Mon May 16 16:35:17 EEST 2011
I can't speak in the name of the entire council but here we go: THE CURRENT

Everybody in the current council, and most people in the community, are
worried about how to keep maemo viable if Nokia pulls the funding but NOBODY
in the current council has even suggested the possibility of using these
banners as an inroad to introduce paid advertisements. Also, I don't even
think the council would (or should) have the power to decide on this

Just to set the record straight: This banner idea didn't start in the
council. It actually "happened" before the council had any saying on it.
After we had already the competition banner up there, we thought would be
bad for the community if anybody could just put a banner. We recognized that
there should be a clear criteria to assure it would only used in the
interest of the maemo community (open source, free, ...). 

Even more, some of us were actually against the banner idea all together but
after discussing the issue we decided that the council should not try to
interfere with a grassroots initiative.

Rob took the lead and IMHO did I great job. He also invited feedback and
acted on it. 

I think we all have spent too much energy on this subject and there are much
more important ones. 

Finally, since the competition banner hasn't been adjusted to the maemo.org
usage requirements and it seems that we haven't figure out how to include
the other selected banners, wouldn't be better to just remove it? I think it
has already served the purpose of showcasing the competition and I am afraid
we just don't have the "infrastructure" to manage it. 


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On May 16, 2011, at 14:37, Andre Klapper wrote:

> On Mon, 2011-05-16 at 14:20 +0200, Jeremiah Foster wrote:
>> I think the council needs to be more transparent about its intentions,
>> statements like "even Maemo itself is not completely and specifically
>> open source" are wrong and misleading. This is what leads many to
>> believe that the banners are a step on the road to ads on the
>> maemo.org site. 
> I'd love to see actual proof for those "many"...

You're not saying anything Andre. The point is that until the council comes
out and explicitly states one way or the other, there is room for
speculation. You can snipe all you want, that won't change anything.

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