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From: Jeremiah Foster jeremiah at jeremiahfoster.com
Date: Mon May 16 16:38:56 EEST 2011
Thanks for the clarity on the subject Felipe. 



On May 16, 2011, at 15:35, Felipe Crochik wrote:

> I can't speak in the name of the entire council but here we go: THE CURRENT
> Everybody in the current council, and most people in the community, are
> worried about how to keep maemo viable if Nokia pulls the funding but NOBODY
> in the current council has even suggested the possibility of using these
> banners as an inroad to introduce paid advertisements. Also, I don't even
> think the council would (or should) have the power to decide on this
> subject. 
> Just to set the record straight: This banner idea didn't start in the
> council. It actually "happened" before the council had any saying on it.
> After we had already the competition banner up there, we thought would be
> bad for the community if anybody could just put a banner. We recognized that
> there should be a clear criteria to assure it would only used in the
> interest of the maemo community (open source, free, ...). 
> Even more, some of us were actually against the banner idea all together but
> after discussing the issue we decided that the council should not try to
> interfere with a grassroots initiative.
> Rob took the lead and IMHO did I great job. He also invited feedback and
> acted on it. 
> I think we all have spent too much energy on this subject and there are much
> more important ones. 
> Finally, since the competition banner hasn't been adjusted to the maemo.org
> usage requirements and it seems that we haven't figure out how to include
> the other selected banners, wouldn't be better to just remove it? I think it
> has already served the purpose of showcasing the competition and I am afraid
> we just don't have the "infrastructure" to manage it. 
> Felipe
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> On May 16, 2011, at 14:37, Andre Klapper wrote:
>> On Mon, 2011-05-16 at 14:20 +0200, Jeremiah Foster wrote:
>>> I think the council needs to be more transparent about its intentions,
>>> statements like "even Maemo itself is not completely and specifically
>>> open source" are wrong and misleading. This is what leads many to
>>> believe that the banners are a step on the road to ads on the
>>> maemo.org site. 
>> I'd love to see actual proof for those "many"...
> You're not saying anything Andre. The point is that until the council comes
> out and explicitly states one way or the other, there is room for
> speculation. You can snipe all you want, that won't change anything.
> Jeremiah
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