[maemo-community] Coding competition 2011 - mass emailing

From: Michael Cronenworth mike at cchtml.com
Date: Wed Nov 9 22:18:23 EET 2011
robert bauer wrote:
> Neither I nor Council have discussed a karma filter of 10, or
> any stats from t.m.o. other than the minimum number of months the
> accounts must have existed.  The Council's decision was to proceed with
> the vote as soon as possible using a karma level (no higher than 100)
> and minimum account age (measured in months) that will not overload the
> servers.  These two criteria are the only base of filtering.  If a karma
> filter of 10 would overload the servers, then use any higher karma
> number up to 100.  We leave it to your expertise to determine what will
> overload the servers and to proceed as soon as possible.

Can this e-mail not be sent out in waves? Break 500,000 accounts into 10 
groups of 50,000? Send out 1 group a day?
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