[maemo-community] Coding competition 2011 - mass emailing

From: andrew at bleb.org andrew at bleb.org
Date: Wed Nov 9 22:32:47 EET 2011
50,000 people do not want to get the email, and you'll only piss them off, alienate them and generate bad press and accusations of spamming if they do.

Andrew Flegg  |  mailto:andrew at bleb.org -- http://www.bleb.org/On 09/11/2011 20:18 Michael Cronenworth wrote:
robert bauer wrote:
> Neither I nor Council have discussed a karma filter of 10, or
> any stats from t.m.o. other than the minimum number of months the
> accounts must have existed.  The Council's decision was to proceed with
> the vote as soon as possible using a karma level (no higher than 100)
> and minimum account age (measured in months) that will not overload the
> servers.  These two criteria are the only base of filtering.  If a karma
> filter of 10 would overload the servers, then use any higher karma
> number up to 100.  We leave it to your expertise to determine what will
> overload the servers and to proceed as soon as possible.

Can this e-mail not be sent out in waves? Break 500,000 accounts into 10 
groups of 50,000? Send out 1 group a day?
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