[maemo-community] I nominate myself (jcharpak) for council member

From: JOSEPHCHARPAK josephcharpak at comcast.net
Date: Tue Apr 3 17:28:43 EEST 2012
Hi, my name is Joseph Charpak, My username on maemo.org is jcharpak. 

I nominate myself for council member. In case it is formally necessary to accept your own nomination when you nominate yourself, then I formally accept. 

I've been a maemo user from the N800 days, although I actually started with the 770 when it dropped in price due to the release of the N800.. I've been an avid follower of TMO since its ITT days. As a council member I would strive for more transparency in council actions. As a starting point I would ensure that announcements would be made weekly through the council blog, with a new post to the ask a council thread on TMO as well. 

Joseph Charpak 
josephcharpak at comcast.net 
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