[maemo-community] I nominate myself (jcharpak) for council member

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Tue Apr 3 19:10:25 EEST 2012
On 3 April 2012 15:28, JOSEPHCHARPAK <josephcharpak at comcast.net> wrote:
> my name is Joseph Charpak, My username on maemo.org is jcharpak.
> I nominate myself for council member.  In case it is formally necessary to
> accept your own nomination when you nominate yourself, then I formally
> accept.

It's not ;-)

> As a council member I would strive for more transparency in council
> actions. As a starting point I would ensure that announcements would
> be made weekly through the council blog, with a new post to the ask
> a council thread on TMO as well.

Could you expand on your vision for the community?

What are your thoughts on integrating Harmattan and potentially even
Meltemi into the Maemo community and maemo.org?

As you're probably aware, there's a discussion on TMO[1] which touches
upon many of the things which will be important in this election. Do
you agree there's been a breakdown in communication between Nokia,
Nemein and the council; and the council and the community? If so, how
do we fix it?

Thanks in advance,


PS. Has anyone set up an election page on the wiki yet, which can
gather together
    candidates' declarations?

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