[maemo-community] Maemo Community Awards

From: Xabier Rodriguez Calvar calvaris at igalia.com
Date: Fri Jun 15 12:14:38 EEST 2012
	Hi folks:

My name is Xabier Rodríguez and I am from Galicia/Spain. Many people
know me as "calvaris" on communities and social networks.

My first maemo device was a Nokia N810 though I had already been doing
some work for the N800 to the N9.

Besides my private contributions, I also have some public ones, like:

      * MAFW, which is the framework empowering the official multimedia
        player of the N900. It allows gathering multimedia content from
        different sources and playing them by using playlist support and
        so on. [1]
      * Hildon Widgets, I was one of the developers and among my
        contributions I worked on the pannable area and actually
        implemented the copy&paste feature in widgets like the
        HildonTextArea and GtkHTML used in Modest, the email client. [2]
      * Aura: developer of an application to record videos with funnny
        effects for the N9/N950. [3]

[1] https://garage.maemo.org/projects/mafw
[2] https://garage.maemo.org/projects/hildon
[3] http://igalia.github.com/aura/

Apart from these, I also have some other smaller contributions, such as:

      * MAFW-Grilo-source [4], which is a bridge bringing the power of
        Grilo (a similar projecto MAFW) plugins to MAFW, thus, to the
        N900 official media player.
      * Some commits to MAFW-lastfm, which was a daemon to listen to
        MAFW playback changes at the N900 and submit them to your
        Last.fm profile. [5]
      * Some commits in Vagalume [6], a lastfm player for the N900.

[4] http://maemo.org/packages/view/mafw-grilo-source/
[6] https://www.ohloh.net/p/vagalume/contributors/60413010142207/commits

I would like to apply for a Nokia N9 and please, have a look at my Ohloh
profile [7] to have more information and check my blog that is also at
Planet Maemo [8].

[7] https://www.ohloh.net/accounts/calvaris
[8] http://blogs.igalia.com/xrcalvar/category/planets/planet-maemo/

Thanks to everybody!

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